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Gangster Vegan Feed The Block

We are on a worldwide mission to improve and transform the quality of life worldwide, one meal at a time. We are committed to Feeding The Block Worldwide; healthy, flavorful, Plant Base Meals and provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We target food deserts and areas in need, with no access to healthy flavorful foods.

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Feed The Block in Kensington, PA the heroine capital of the US. Providing the homeless with free plant based meals and fruits.

Why Feed The Block?

To Feed those who do not have access to privileged foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables. and to introduce them to healthy flavorful free Plant Based Foods.

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Vinny Founder/Creator was living a fast celebrity lifestyle, surrounded by sex, money, drugs, and violence. He then hit rock bottom and lost everything except his life. Morally, financially, spiritually, and physically broke, a complete stranger gave him a free fresh pressed organic orange/carrot juice that changed his life forever.

He then was committed to spreading this health and wealth with the world, especially those in need and in inner cities (food deserts).

We can get fried chicken, cigarettes, and liquor. But not an organic peach.

It's time to change the narrative worldwide, in all urban inner city communities worldwide. We have to provide access to fresh, healthy, affordable and flavorful foods.

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Feed The Block is all funded off of donations from beautiful human beings worldwide.

Where have we been?

Gangster Vegan Feed The Block Worldwide

To date we have fed over 100,000 human beings and children free, flavorful, fresh, plant based meals worldwide. We have been to over 100 schools, colleges, prisons, community centers and youth detention centers worldwide.

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It started in 2012 in Compton, CA, at the Compton Community Center. We fed 100 inner city children and haven't stopped since. California, Maryland, Oregon, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania just to name a few spots.


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